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The Truth about Cold-Press Juices

by Nitin Kumar Sharma
Cold press juices

For thousands of years, the things we today called juices were just a derivation from wine that was made by crushing grapes. It was actually much later that ‘lemonade’ started to become a thing and hence, people started to realise that they can consume more of a fruit in a liquid form but just squeezing it or crushing it components until all the water content/pulp it contains gets drenched out.

However, juices as we know today come in a variety of sizes and colours such as large and small, of a variety of fruits and vegetables.

But, have you ever wondered how the juice that you are being served by your local juice corner is extracted, or should you even care about that? 

What’s NOT Cold-Pressed?


Weird way to start an explanation but here it is you walk up to your nearest juice corner, its scorching heat and you decide to ask for a sweet lime juice. The vendor puts in the sweet lime slices, turns on the machine, the machine goes “brrr” and then, voila! He pours out fresh juice for you to enjoy. Simple, Right?

Well yes, But actually, No.

This traditional method of chest slicing out until juices are obtained is considered the centrifugal method.

Structurally, or for that concern, visually, nothing changed, but, in the same process, a lot of the “juice” is just lost, including many important things such as dietary fibres and in the case of some vendors, some of the juice might just be replaced by water. 

Some of the major disadvantages of centrifugal juicers may contain but are not limited to:-

  • Breaks Down Quickly. Centrifugal Juices start to separate within minutes of extraction.
  • Pulpy and Chunky. Juice has high solid content-resulting in a thicker and inconsistent mouth-feel.
Cold press juices

Enter the inclusive method

For many people cold press juices might be a new concept or an entirely new way of extracting juices but trust me this has been going on for decades with little knowledge in the general public about such. 

Cold pressing might sound technical and complex but it is actually really easy to understand and the concept is very simple- Instead of Centrifugation and slicing, It uses a high-pressure hydraulic press to extract everything from the fruit till the end.

Now this wouldn’t be an article if it was only that much. Just from that one little maneuver we have got some wonderful advantages this method has to offer.

  • Maximum Nutrients. Minimal heat is applied in the extraction process retaining valuable enzymes and vitamins
  • Refreshingly Clean Flavour. With crisp taste, cold press juices win most taste tests.
  • Longer Shelf Life. Nutrients are preserved for an extended period of time.
  • Higher Yields.  A juice extracts 20% to 30% more juice from the same fruits and veggies, creating less waste.

Everything’s Good, So let’s just jump right into it!

Cold press Juices might seem like the way to go for the most part as it has got a tremendous amount of advantage over the traditional method. But don’t jump the train just yet because the machines that are used in extracting such cold-pressed juices, Especially if you are a mass producer of juices, may end up eating your wallet as a single high-pressure processing machine costs anywhere from 800 thousand US dollars to 2 million US dollars. 

Although being a clear winner over the traditional method and having undeniable advantages, cold pressing has still got some time to make its routes into the ecosystem of juices. Until then we can still somewhat take care of our own bodies by consuming normal homemade juices for which there are already some fantastic guides on naturogrow.com

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