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Fatty Liver Easy to overlook, Hard to counter

by Nitin Kumar Sharma
Fatty liver


Liver, the most metabolically complex, the second biggest organ in humans (first being the skin), an incredibly useful asset with over 500 continuous functions including removing toxins and producing protein, is one of the most vital organs of our body. Its regenerative properties enable extremely adaptive donations.

With such a composite organ, complications often occur. Especially due to the sedentary lifestyle that many of us follow. Liver malfunctions such as Hemochromatosis, Autoimmune hepatitis and Bile Duct Tumors can often pose serious problems and can ultimately lead to Liver failure, a Life-threatening issue.

But nowadays, in the “stay at home” approach, people are unable to move around a lot and although there is availability of home workouts, people are still developing a gradually concerning problem of accumulating toxins and harmful ailments such as bad cholesterol.

This can lead to a very easy-to-overlook and common problem of Fatty Liver.

What exactly is a fatty liver?

In its simplest terms, when excessive amounts of fats build up in your liver, your liver becomes unresponsive or semi-functional in some of its functions which might not seem like a big deal in the starting, but if it keeps on building up, it can cause some serious repercussions.

Liver scarring is one of those serious issues which can lead to liver cirrhosis, an extremely metabolism damaging and ultimately digestive system depleting disease and hence life threatening.

Adverse to many perceptions, Fatty Liver can actually occur due to both alcoholic and non- alcoholic habits.

Alcoholic-Fatty liver

Too much over-consumption of alcohol can lead to the condition of Fatty-Liver as it slows down metabolism and which results in the body not metabolizing the fats efficiently enough, leading to such condition.

This can lead to alcoholic fatty liver diseases such as Acute alcoholic hepatitis, Alcoholic cirrhosis etc.

These can be diagnosed with following determinants:-

  • Nauseated feelings
  • Major loss of appetite
  • Jaundice
  • Fatigue
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • increased thirst
  • swelling in the legs and abdomen
  • weight loss

Non-Alcoholic Fatty liver

Fatty liver
3d illustration of Abstract medical background with Diseased liver

Contrary to most beliefs, your liver can still malfunction without the use of alcohol. Such kinds of issues can arise and can become as bad as (if not worse) than someone with alcohol abuse.

Some of the stereotypes that can develop such issues may be a prey to:

  • Eating excess calories
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • high triglycerides


Remedies for fatty liver
Remedies for fatty liver

Usually, The doctor you are seeing will give first hand advice for a Liver Function Test. This test allows the diagnosis of some of the functions or enzyme counts of the liver to be monitored and in some cases, suggest an ultrasound.

Based on such reports, if the case is of either of the two (NAFL or AFL) Liver inflammation is found.

One of the most common and recent medicines for such is considered as Ursodeoxycolic acid.

However, other changes in lifestyle are also important as follows:-

  • Lose weight – safely. This usually means losing no more than half to one kilogram (one to two pounds) a week
  • Lower your triglycerides through diet, medication or both
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Control your diabetes, if you have it
  • Eat a balanced, healthy diet
  • Increase your physical activity
  • Get regular check-ups from a doctor who specializes in liver care.

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