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Ayurveda and the pursuance of a Stronger Immunity

by Nitin Kumar Sharma
What is ayurveda ?

Recently, there has been a huge wave of people eager to know about how the human body can prepare itself to fight against a vast variety of diseases and ailments. Although, humanity has shown plenty of dependence on chemically manufactured drugs and medicines for the most part, more and more people have started looking for a more natural alternative- Ayurveda.

What is Ayurveda, and why is it a “better” alternative?

Practised and researched for thousands of years, Ayurveda is considered to have originated as a branch of one of the four vedas, Atharvaveda, that specializes in promotion of good health and healing from natural ways and medicines made from plants, herbs etc.

Prevention is better than cure

The main idea of Ayurveda is to develop an impenetrable immunity via changes in daily lifestyle as well as consumption and avoidance in such a manner that enables the body to fight against almost any disease or ailment itself. Though Ayurveda also targets specific body functions in order to reinforce the body during ailments, it is said to work on the root cause of the disease to restructure the body in such a way that the person virtually becomes immune to such ailment for the foreseeable future.

Role of Ayurveda in the modern environment

Although in a society dominated by pharmaceutical companies that produce temporary symptom-eliminating drugs for a long time hasn’t seen much changes in a world where time and speed are crucial, Ayurveda has still established itself as a legitimate alternative to many-a-treatments provided by its counterparts.

Going with a belief of promotion of good health with natural ways,  Ayurveda also GUARANTEES zero-side effects from almost every treatment. In a society where fatigue can kill a lot of time and productivity, this is a game changer, although coming at a price of extended period of treatment.

Why do Ayurvedic treatments take longer to heal?

5 elements

One of the major Ayurvedic beliefs is that in order to make a balance between the five elements (Akasha (Space),Vayu (Air),Teja (Fire), Jala(Water) and Prithvi (Earth)) which are structurally integrated in the human body amongst the three humours (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) one requires to live with a disciplined lifestyle with various consumptions and avoidances in order to attain the best equation between those and ultimately a stronger immunity. Thus, instead of popping antibiotics on a timely basis, the person is required to make changes and sometimes entirely shift his or her way of living in order to achieve desired results. Naturally, shifting lifestyles take longer than just consuming syrups and tablets.

Taking Immunity to the next level


Being one of the most complex systems in our body, the immune system is no joke to be researched and analyzed lightly. But Ayurveda, even though thousands of years old, has insanely precise solutions and procedures that work on some of the most irreparable damages done to the human body.

When healed with a much more natural approach, there is absolutely no chance of any side-effects. Originated and practiced majorly by India, Ayurveda also has a deep connection with Yoga, another wonderful form of keeping oneself physically fit through different postures and breathing practices. 


There is no doubt that Ayurveda has not only made its place in modern society as a much less intrusive and nature-friendly way of treatment, but it also has yet to be known by many.

In the pursuance of stronger immunity, which in turn removes dependencies from external intrusion or chemical-based drug treatment, one can safely rely on Ayurveda being the catalyst and seeing the rise, even be the reshaper of the modern society as we know.

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