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Healthy Mind Essay- A Guide to keep mind fit

by Rishabh Sharma

Healthy Mind Essay- Guide to keep mind fit

A healthy mind does not only mean having a positive mindset always and ignoring everything negative around us, instead it means analyzing the whole situation and then coming to a conclusion. The most important part is considering the overall situation with a stable emotional control over your thought process.

Health- Isn’t that supposed to be limited to the physical aspects of the body????

Now, clearing the air of myths – being only physically healthy does not make you a healthy human. Although stating that physical fitness has nothing to do with the mental fitness or health of mind will also be wrong.

So how are they even connected?

A healthy body and healthy mind i.e. physical and mental fitness are both directly related to each other because if a person lacks anyone of these… it is a matter of concern. Having a healthy body automatically helps you maintain your mind in a healthy as well as happy state, eventually resulting in increased efficiency; which is generally not possible if you lack good physical health.

On the other side of the coin, having good physical fitness and lacking a healthy mind will lead you to emotional stress, bad decisions, and much more.

How can we achieve a healthy mind?

There are various habits which if included in one’s daily routine, result in a healthy mind. Some of them are :

Meditation :

If put in simple terms, meditation is concentrating on a particular event, object, portrait, etc. One just needs to focus. Studies have shown that even five to ten minutes of meditation can help to get wonderful results such as increased concentration levels. Meditation helps you to stay emotionally calm even in the worst situations of your life.


Good, appropriate, and regular bed timings with adequate hours of sleep :

6-8 hours of sleep is a must for every human on the face of Earth to keep your mind and body healthy. Adequate hours of sleep at the right time of the day keeps a check on the body metabolism and other medical factors like blood pressure. Adequate sleep also keeps you away from anxiety, depression, etc.


Try to intake the sugar only from natural sources :

Minimize the intake of sugar in any processed form. One should consume only fruits to complete the sugar requirements of the body.

Dedicate some time of the day doing what you enjoy the most :

Dedicating some time of the day to your hobbies can help you to relieve the stress and may give you a sense of relaxation.

Read good content :

Reading blogs, articles, books, journals, etc. increase the domain of your knowledge, motivates you as well as builds a really good vocabulary.

Exercise :

Regular exercise enables one to stay physically fit which eventually helps in maintaining good metabolism and a healthy mind. Physical activities and exercise release happy hormones which contribute towards a positive mindset and firm decisions.


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