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Importance of good thoughts in Fitness

by Rishabh Sharma


What are thoughts ?

Thought can be described as an opinion, viewpoint, or idea generated as a result of beliefs, some random happening(s), observations, or suggestion/impact of a known person


Most of the time one’s thought process clearly describes his/her mental situation as well as mental maturity. This might be the explanation to an old saying that we all must have come across at some point in our lives “Think Before You Speak”.

There can be a clear distinction between good thoughts and bad thoughts. Now, many might question if thought is something so natural than how it can have a bad category assigned to it? Well, let us discuss this in the upcoming section.

What are good thoughts? How can thoughts be bad?

Impact of good thoughts on fitness

Boosts Morale :

Having a good thought process is likely to boost one’s morale naturally, thus resulting in a better concentration and a more intense approach towards the goals, which is eventually very good for fitness, both mentally as well as physically.

Results into good mental health :

Good thoughts in one’s brain directly mean having good mental health because it helps one to identify positivity in every kind of situation and chase it for betterment.

Enables one to lead a good lifestyle :

As we have witnessed in the above-mentioned points that a good thought process allows one to have boosted morale, good mental health, and a positive mindset, these things result in a good lifestyle which has a positive and great impact on fitness.


Low Stress levels:

Good thoughts generally result in good interpersonal skills thus having good relationships with people, eventually having low stress and fewer chances of depression in adverse conditions.


After going through the points mentioned above we may conclude that our thoughts have a major impact on our actions hence having a great control over our fitness levels.

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes

Mahatma Gandhi

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