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Why Suicide is NOT the solution To Mental Health Problems?

by Nitin Kumar Sharma

Suicide, in its simplest terms, is taking your own life, intentionally. The prospect of suicide may seem very viable in many difficult situations in life, for example, the death of loved ones, Huge financial crisis, Valuable opportunities lost, etc. It may look like an easy “eject” button.

But is Suicide the solution? Or is YOUR problem that big to committing suicide becomes the only viable option?

Origin of Suicidal Tendencies.

Whenever you start thinking about suicide, ask yourself, when was the last time you genuinely talked to someone about your mental health, or just about your life experiences in general. Many studies have revealed that much of the people who fall prey to suicide start showing the tendency of anti-social behavior a while before they commit suicide. Maybe you are feeling disbelief just because of low social interactions. Maybe you are going through a phase of an emotional rollercoaster and all you need is a partner to just calm your nerves down for the moment. A defeat you cannot recover from is maybe, just a state of mind?

If not suicide, then what?

Literally, The Whole World Is Waiting For YOU. Consider this, A “huge” financial loss for someone has little to no effect on the other side of things for a big enough business. Death of a loved one is only painful to the extent of the number of people left that you love. 

Any problem. That YOU ever had, someone else had as well. Not one, but many had as well. One of those must’ve found the solution. No, many must’ve found a solution. But some of those must’ve thought, “What if I write this solution down somewhere? Maybe, It would help someone else.” And hence, he wrote it down and helped many. What if the solution to your problem lies in a book, maybe in a video?

The whole world is like Minecraft- A huge sandbox, with ample opportunities. Suicide, however, is jumping out of that sandbox.

Prevent self harm

How to manage mental health and avoid thoughts that can lead to self-harm?

There are many things that a person can do to get your mental health on track and be able to control what is going on in their own life.

These things might seem simple but trust me, they will have everlasting effects on your mental health and will lead you in a much healthier mental space.

  • Move. Exercise, be it a brisk walk or swimming through the English channel, is proven to release natural antidepressants within the body which help many go through the hardest mental barriers like a hot knife through butter.
  • Improvise. Adapt, Overcome. To identify the problem is the first step, to make yourself worthy of solving it by restructuring yourself is another, and then and only then, to execute and overcome is the final. Do not think less of yourself.
  • Talk. Sometimes. All you need to do is express yourself to someone else to get your mindset straight.
  • Time. One of the greatest and most effective doctors regarding mental health is time. Remember, Any emotional pain, just like the physical ones, take time to heal.


To avoid any thought relating to ending one’s life, the bigger picture to be considered is overall mental health and related issues. One does not easily decide to end his or her life overnight, and so the problem itself cannot be solved in a day. But a belief still goes strong that if we all believe, we can overcome any hurdle.

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