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The art of meditation

by Sarah Ayoub
Art of meditation

There are about 5000 different meditation methods that have been practiced since ancient times, but less than a dozen have been widely studied. 

The art of meditation has been derived from Kundalini meditation and has intricate detailing to it.

 Meditation techniques had originated even before the advent of formal religions. The exact historical origins of the discovery of yoga and meditation techniques remain controversial. 

Meditation is not a technique it is a gentle development of your personality. It is when you decide to sit with your self when you are in your own company which initially is not very comfortable. Usually, when we sit to meditate very first time we are in an anticipation of strange experiences like discomfort and negligence etc.

However, once you sit with yourself initially there is a lot of noise within yourself which is perfectly okay. This is very normal as we are not used to sitting without doing anything and our mind has become conditioned to being fed with worries, anxiety, work, negative thoughts, and what next?

“Meditation is an art as well as a Science” you need to be creative and logical at the same time! Here we are sharing some golden points that have worked for us. You can follow any technique but if you use these steps it will assist you with better connectivity with self.

1. Find comfort in being yourself!

While practicing Kundalini meditation, ensure that you find your comfort zone. Start initially with 5 -10 minutes of being yourself. When I say being with yourself try to understand that whatever you imagine you are is just a projection of you. Everything about yourself is Yours only. You are much more than what your ego has made you associate with. 

2. Physical Exercise

This helps open up your chakras for the flow of energy. A short 15 minutes of joint mobilization exercises are beneficial. 

3. Choose a Mantra meditation and Affirmation

Once you are comfortable being with self start with a Mantra meditation.  The Mantra meditation or Affirmation will help give the idle mind something to play while it is occupied with the mantra so that the other thoughts are no longer in focus. Mantras are powerful words that also help to cleanse the energy body and break down any negative thoughts you might be experiencing. 

4. Deep cleanse your subtle bodies and eliminate negative thoughts 

Use the Mantra to cleanse the bodies of energy and feel the vibrations starting from the heart moving out encircling your entire body and also piercing into the energy body and other subtle bodies (there are layers of invisible bodies, emotional, astral and mental).

Power of meditatio

Meditation is silencing your mind to listen to your inner being. It is a deep connection with your self. While using the mantra focus on energy, it is the energy where the magic lies. This energy gap is where you can manifest your biggest dreams it just takes 17 seconds of focus for manifesting your reality.

You can always light a lamp and incense, also choose a suitable time and place to meditate it just helps reduce the time to start your meditation. There is no right way to find your way and let it work. Based on which technique interests you, you can begin however meditation is a process and it will grow and evolve with you.

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