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How to become mentally and physically strong?

by Shrey Chopra



We often look back on the situation or events in our lives in nostalgic awe. Our past is littered with fond memories of lovers and friends filling our hearts with joy. Yet, when we look upon our current life’s landscape, we find it to be barren. There seems to be a problem in every corner. Broken hearts, bills are overdue, we have aches and pains. How we perceive ourselves can have an impact on our mental and physical health.

Our view of the past is painted with rose-colored glasses. Our current view is dirtied with the smog of self-pity. We are primed to look at our current obstacles, yet we become blind to them in the rear-view mirror.

Our current problems are not enormous that they make the past seem inconsequential.

We simply need to change our PERSPECTIVE!

In other words, our minds can change reality. We come across somewhere around 80,000 thoughts a day and these thoughts decide our emotions and influence our decision-making process. We can’t stop these thoughts, but what we can do is RESPOND wisely. There Is a big difference between how you react and how you respond to a particular situation or a thought. Reacting unnecessarily leads to disappointment and destruction later. When you respond you keep in mind the ethics and the core values, thus the decision is always correct.


Focusing on the negative thoughts, doubting yourself, and worrying about things you can’t control will lead to mental problems and anxieties. If you want to be Physically strong, you have to keep doing exercises to build the PHYSICAL MUSCLES. Similarly, positive thoughts and vibes will help you build Mental muscles. You have to train the mental muscles to be more mentally strong. There is a famous saying: YOU HAVE MIND? OR YOUR MIND HAS YOU?

Your perception and point of view will help you overcome any obstacle. It has the power to transform any situation into an opportunity for growth and improvement. Thus, making you mentally as well as physically strong.


There is indeed a transformative property in recognizing your worth. You can do wonders once you realize what you are made of. Recognizing yourself is the real game. Understand the abilities you have our ancestors only dreamed of! With a click of a button, you can learn anything, you can record videos, start your channel, and earn. Recognizing yourself builds up self-confidence, and you then can trust your own decisions and choices.

Self-confidence automatically enhances your personality which has a great impact on your mental health and physical wellbeing.


We become what we eat. Surprised? Yes, it’s a fact when you feed your body there is ‘positive food and negative food.’ In the short term, both provide the energy to survive. The positive food like green vegetables, fruits, and grains adds a certain type of energy to your body when you consume them. The negative foods like meat and flesh take energy from your body and flush it out. Eating anything with a living soul or feelings in it will harm your body in many ways. If you are not taking good care of your body, it can pull you down and make you into just a biological identity! The energies you are consuming decide the vibes and your mental toughness!

Eliminating unhealthy and negative habits from your lifestyle can do wonders for you. Once you are clear with your thoughts, you are mentally and physically ready to fight any battle!

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