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Importance of meditation for mental health

by Rishabh Sharma

Importance of meditation for mental health

Mental Health?

Mental health refers to the state of mind of an individual which is generally judged by taking into notice one’s thought process, what you speak, the behavior of the individual, activities, and the list goes on. Apart from all these certain other medical diagnostic procedures are used by medical professionals to draw conclusions about the mental health of an individual, which are studied and learned about under the field of Neurology.


If an individual can think rationally, there is coordination in the limbs and other sensory organs, conducts himself/herself properly, talks at a normal pace and the speech makes sense then in normal circumstances the individual is considered mentally fit. But is that all?

The answer is NO since we didn’t mention the most important aspect of mental fitness which is the control and command of emotions.

What do we mean by control and command over emotions? 

Control and command over emotions simply mean expressing the appropriate emotion at the right time as well as place. An individual crying at a funeral can’t be considered mentally sick but there is something wrong with the one laughing at it.

In general, it is expected by most people to keep a smiling face and carry a positive attitude to emit good vibes by correct expression of emotions.

Tell me something about meditation!

Meditation means focusing or concentrating on an object, activity, a portrait, a sound, etc. It is simply resting in the state of mindfulness. Meditation has nothing to do with personal transformation, but instead, it is about acknowledging and observing everything without coming onto conclusions or passing judgments. It is all about making your peace with nature/the environment and resting in sync and harmony with the same.


Role of Meditation in mental health

Meditation plays a very crucial role in developing as well as maintaining good mental health. Some of how meditation contributes to improving the mental health of an individual are:

Builds self-esteem and self-confidence :

Meditation builds self-confidence which allows an individual to conduct himself/herself appropriately in the desired manner which then may lead to eventually getting better opportunities and boosting one’s morales. Being confident also exhibits one’s belief in his/her capabilities hence building positivity towards every task that he/she might be asked to do.


Controls Anxiety :

Meditation reduces the lactate level present in the blood,hence protecting the individual from anxiety attacks, which is a growing concern in today’s world.


Prevents Depression :

Meditation helps the individual to stay calm even in the most adverse conditions ,hence protecting him/her against depression.

Generates good morals :

Studies show that the people who practice meditation generally carry a set of good moral values like kindness, gratitude, etc.


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