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Ways To Be Emotionally Fit!

by Rishabh Sharma

Ways To Be Emotionally Fit!

Emotions!!!! Please define.

To understand what emotional fitness means and why it is important to have emotional balance in our life we must first try to understand what emotions are. Emotions are nothing else but a state of mind or we may express it as how a person feels which can be the result of some circumstances, involvement with other beings(relationships), or simply mood.

Now, we will try to classify emotions based on two parameters for a clear and much better understanding :

Types Of Emotions:

“Oh!! But you know what my heart says …”

We all have said this statement at some time in our life or at least heard people say this. Now, just to get facts right we should know that heart is an organ in our body whose sole purpose and function is to pump deoxygenated blood to the Lungs to get it oxygenated, to pump the oxygenated blood to different organs, to collect deoxygenated blood from different organs, and to collect oxygenated blood from Lungs. THAT’S ALL!!!!

It is only the brain that thinks. Senses send signals to the brain in different forms and also through different neural networks and then it is the brain that analyzes those signals and generates a response accordingly.

What do you mean by emotional fitness?

Being emotionally fit simply means maintaining a state of mind where a person can indulge in different tasks and accept the negative aspects/comments/opinions or situations without affecting him/her much. This is very important in today’s fast-moving world with a cut-throat competition for survival, because if one can’t hold himself/herself up then the person can’t be assumed to fit in the working environment.

 Physical Fitness vs. Emotional Fitness

Physical fitness and emotional fitness both lead to a healthy lifestyle and are also derived from the same. There shouldn’t be any misconception that having only one of these and lacking in the other can lead towards betterment, for that one needs to have both in exactly the correct proportion.


 “Ahhh! But what can we do to stay emotionally fit”

Stay Motivated :

It is very important to stay motivated and focus on your goals, which brings a sense of positivity which eventually helps you counter the negativity that surrounds you.

Getting Socially Involved :

Social involvement lets you get out of a particular mindset and perhaps grasp more and make more out of the opportunities. It also helps you to study different kinds of personality traits, which can be adopted for one’s betterment.

Being alert and accepting others emotional states, helping them.

Being alert and attentive towards others and helping them to get out of any problematic issues or helping them in any way possible gives one a sense of pride and confidence, more than just this it builds goodwill and a reputation.


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