by Nitin Kumar Sharma
Yoga nidras

For most part of the human timeline, we have seen a steady growth in both population and production. Although the world has already seen a lot of pandemics in a small amount of time, the absolute worst in terms of both economical effects and possibly national, is what we are going through right now.

With the majority calling 2020 by far the worst year of all of humanity, one cannot deny the socio-economic damage it has done and not only that, the pandemic brings in one of the worst fears for anyone- losing the ones you love.

Life, as hectic as it can get, does need a lot of management and fine tuning, both physically and mentally. So, today we talk about how an ancient form of pure relaxation can help you rise up from the worst and uplift you from the others.

What is Yoga Nidra?

In its simplest terms, “Yoga Nidra” means yogic sleep. But, it is not to be confused with either a full sleep or lucid dreaming, both of which may sound very similar in practice.

For the origins, this form of relaxation has originated from India and is considered to be as old as yoga itself, with many excerpts from the old scriptures of hinduism stating Nidra, thousands of years old.

In Practice, Yoga Nidra is performed ideally in a completely or mostly quiet environment, usually as a guided form of meditation from an instructor which verbally tells the practitioner the order to correctly calm and relax.

The most fruitful form to absorb the most benefits from such is Shavasana, or the yogic term for simply lying down on your back, relaxing each and every muscle over the course, and trying to find the sweet spot between waking and sleeping. In such a form, people are known to have complete control over their senses and thoughts. In order to connect intimately with one’s own body, while also maintaining full consciousness, and to let the cosmic energy flow through your senses, is the goal here.

How does it affect the mental state of the practitioner?

Proven as a major stress-reduction method by army vets, yoga Nidra not only enables an insightful analysis of one’s conscious mind but also a way to connect spiritually from the subconscious mind. Following are some of the benefits of this age-long form of yoga:-

Yoga nidras
  • A simple way to reduce stress. Opposite to meditation where one is needed to focus on something for an extended period of time, Yoga Nidra allows the person to create an aura of self-awareness a non-judgemental relaxation which is proven to reduce stress in not only regular workaholics, but also in army men and people that want to recover from post-traumatic stress.
  • Exploration of one’s inner self. In order for a person to consume vast amounts of knowledge on a daily basis, this practice allows the practitioner a flurry of self-realizations in order to facilitate a smooth consumption of knowledge about its inner self and enables for unlocking the full potential of the human mind.
  • Anyone can practice it. The best part about Yoga Nidra is that as it has originated from Yoga itself, it can be practiced by pretty much anyone- Be it old or young, short or tall, alone or in the group.


Yoga is a practice thousands of years old and Yogic Nidra is just a part of it. Due to its sheer simplicity, it has seen a resurgence in the modern era itself and is still continuously being practiced by some of the biggest Yoga-oriented organizations throughout the world. We can all hope that practice so simple yet so effective can lead the world into a much more peaceful place.

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