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Bodybuilding basics – Competition prep

by Shrey Chopra

If you are a beginner and prepping for your first bodybuilding competition, then this blog is for you. You want to pack some serious muscles and carve out abs? Want to know about the right planning and basics of bodybuilding to start? Let’s discuss some major points which will help you in Journey to Success!


 Prepping is the truest way to test your mettle. Traditional bodybuilding had no end goals. But now everyone in the gym has a goal, whether to gain significant mass, ripped muscles, or strength training. However, only a few gym-goers achieve the goal. WHY?

In the absence of a set date, small sacrifices are made each day to accommodate their busy lives. You may skip a workout because it has been a stressful week and you are tired. Or maybe you are hungry and lack motivation. The simple existence of a show date provides a compelling counter agreement to the small concessions that pervade a normal diet or training. The first step of a competitor is to decide what show they are going to attend. This date is the finish line and every day, meal and workout are the steps leading up to it. 

The next factor is your desired body fat % on the stage. To achieve the lowest body fat percentage, you need to work hard and plan according to it. This will reveal complete muscle separation, striations, and high levels of vascularity. 

Planning Is the crucial step when you prep for the next show!


Nutrition Is the most important aspect of the basics of bodybuilding. You cannot lose body fat without the calorie deficit diet and intense training. Unfortunately, when you follow a calorie deficit program your body will draw some energies from muscle too. To avoid this from happening you must maintain a favorable amount of dietary protein and nutrients in your diet.Determine your BMR and consume your calories according to it. You need to keep a check on your weight, if you are losing 2 lbs per week, keep the calorie intake the same, and vice versa if you are gaining fat.


The training for prep is focused on two aspects: Muscle retention and fat burning. Therefore, your training should focus on appropriate lifting intensity and caloric burn. WEIGHTS X SETS X REPS is the hypertrophy when you are prepping for your show. One should focus on relatively heavyweight in a combination of more sets and reps. There are several options to increase caloric burn while training. The most effective way is to reduce the rest intervals. It keeps the heart rate elevated.

 Other factors that affect the competition prep include posing routines, carb-loading phase, and water hold process. Posing wins the competitions. One should practice posing drills throughout the prep to take their best version on stage. Posing helps in strong muscle mind connection and increases the flow of blood in muscles. Carb loading phase differs In every individual, this is the real game-changer in the prep. How many carbs are you loading? What is your water intake and the rest interval during the prep is what makes you the champion on stage!

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