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Bodybuilding Myths and Facts!

by Shrey Chopra

Bodybuilding Myths and Facts!

The world of fitness is filled with myths. The purpose of myths is to explain the realities of the world that we cannot explain. But they are not meant to be the end-all and be-all of humanity’s understanding. They are anchored in the time of their creation and are composed of beliefs of the time. But modern bodybuilding and fitness are a young art form. Exercise and nutrition are even younger still!


Many beliefs in bodybuilding are founded on myths perpetuated by our predecessors. These people used the knowledge of their time and experience to craft rules that help bodybuilders to navigate the modern sport. But we are lucky, that we have technology and resources to be connected and advised ever before.


In bodybuilding and modern gym culture, we look up to the established lifter and gurus around us. Noob lifters and GYM BRO’s create their understanding based on the belief system of professional bodybuilders and athletes. I mean, they are lifting from past 10 years with on-point nutrition and sleep schedules, how can you expect a physique like in 1 or even 2 years? Performance-enhancing drugs and steroids are common trends these days.

The biggest Bodybuilding Myths and Facts to read:


During a competition, prep one must perform fasted cardio in the morning to lean out. 

FACT: Studies have shown that fasted cardio is not superior to traditional cardio. The myth of the superiority of fasted cardio is based on the concept of glycogen depletion. The theory postulates that in the morning you are in a fasted state and thus, have a reduced amount of glycogen in the system. Therefore, cardio in this fasted state will burn more fat than fed cardio. This is true. However, the substrate used during cardio does not translate to total fat loss. If you burn more fat during a workout, your body will conversely shift to using more fat as an energy substrate later in the day. Studies have shown that when compared, the amount of fat lost between fed cardio and fasted cardio is the same.



This myth is born of several combined beliefs. Typically, the concept of more meals is related to a fast metabolism and more muscle building. You may have heard “Eat every 2-3 hours to grow and increase your metabolic rate or if you want to lose weight eat smaller meals”. However, these recommendations may be inconsequential and at worst, suboptimal. The myth is based on the MISUNDERSTANDING of the thermic effect of food. 

When you consume food, some of the energy will be used to absorb and metabolize the food, while some will be lost as heat. 
FACT: If the total calories and macronutrient breakdown are the same, the Thermal effect of food will remain the same whether you consume 3 or 6 meals per day. Whether you are consuming 2000 calories in 6 meals or 3, the TEF will be the same.


FACT: Consuming extra calories makes you fat. Healthy fats are an important part of your diet. It includes Walnuts, almonds, Avocadoes, Peanut butter, and Flax seeds. Studies have shown that a moderate amount of fat in the meal will make the fat loss journey easier, compared to a low or no-fat diet. 

A TIP: Want to lose fat quickly? Include walnuts in your diet. The best time to eat them is right after waking up in the morning, you will feel the magic in just 4 weeks!


Want to clear some more myths related to fitness? Have any questions regarding the post? Just add your comments, and guess what we are coming up with some more myths in our coming blogs! 


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