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How to stay fit during vacation – Supplementation is the key!

by Shrey Chopra

HOW TO STAY FIT DURING VACATION – Supplementation is the key!

Planning a long vacation with your friends or family? It’s a great way to relax and take a break from regular hustle-bustle and monotony. But the majority of fitness freaks are afraid of long breaks and holiday trips! Wondering why? It’s quite difficult for gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts to stay away from their fitness regimen. As a fitness freak, all we care about is our gains and fitness levels. Travelling and vacations are surely going to disturb our schedule. Moreover, we feel extra pressure on ourselves, as training has now become an integral part of our lifestyle. Losing muscle mass and gaining fat is the worst nightmare inhabiting the gym maniacs. You spend so much time training hard, keeping your diet and sleep schedule on point, and thus can’t afford to lose it all!

In this blog, we are going to discuss some points on how to stay fit during vacation. If you have been training for long and hitting the gym 6 days a week, your muscles need time to recover and relax. The key to muscle growth is to Train them hard, let them recover, and start over. 

Let’s make it simple, don’t take this vacation as pressure on yourself and your muscles. Instead enjoy, eat good food; maybe some cheat meals and refeed those muscles. Diet plays a major role in changing your physique and maintains the gains!

Food is both the enemy and the ally of a person. Whereas one meal can build a powerful, streamlined physique another can blur their lines and obscure their strength. You must seek balance in your food choices, especially during the vacation to master yourself. Supplementation is the easiest way to keep yourself on track, as you may not be getting the proper nutrition on the journey.

PROTEIN BARS These bars a great, portable tool that packs a significant number of high calories and nutrition. Many different varieties can be used for individual goals. If you are looking to burn fat and reduce calorie intake, choose an option high in fiber. Most likely, these protein bars advertise their net carbs on the front of their package. And if you are trying to maintain size then you can choose the high-calorie bar. Roughly it provides 150-200 calories.


A protein shake is the easiest way to continue muscle building while you travel. Look for high quality with at least 25 gm of protein per serving. Carry small whey tubs with you, you will have your pick of flavors and tastes at a fifth of your price per serving of the ready to drink beverage. REMEMBER to carry your shaker, a whey protein without shaker Is just a sword without a hilt!


Rice cake is the classic weapon in your traveling essentials. They are delicious and can be combined with peanut butter or other fat sources to make a proper meal. Providing 35-40 calories per serving and can be found in many flavors.


Dry fruits are highly nutritious and real game-changer when you are traveling. Fruits are an excellent source of micronutrients. However, they can take up a significant amount of space and can be difficult to store. On the contrary, dry fruits are a compact source of nutrition and don’t take up much space. 

These are some basic supplementation to carry on vacation. You are not going to lose muscle in a week or even in 10 days. The most important thing is to track your calorie intake and protein. Life will inevitably lead you away from the origin. It is a necessity that you leave the familiar to challenge yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually!

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