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Immunity boosting food for kids

by Rishabh Sharma

Immunity boosting food for kids

Health has always been a major concern of humans since ancient times. Probably that is the reason why we always tend to rush to the doctors when we feel uneasy, and it is very well justified to do so.  

When we visit a doctor, he/she generally prescribe some medicines which are to be consumed for a fixed duration of time to get well again.

Now, have you ever wondered how a routine consumption of prescribed tablets or vaccines which are nothing else but chemical compositions can get rid of life-threatening diseases like Diphtheria, Haemophilus Influenzae Serotype B Infection, Rubella, Yellow Fever … and the list continues. The answer to this lies in the concept of immunity.

What is Immunity?

In layman’s terms, immunity is the capability of an organism or body to fit back any disease-causing pathogen or bacteria and prevent it from causing the potential illness. In humans, this is achieved through the formation and presence of antibodies.


What are the antibodies?


Antibodies, pathogen fighting bodies, often referred to as the pathogen or disease-fighting army, are nothing else but proteinaceous components/compounds produced by the body to destroy the pathogen. Antibodies are always pathogen-specific.

Is immunity something that we inherit or develop over our course of a lifetime?

After learning about immunity, a curiosity about the development of the same is very much obvious. So let us move ahead and discuss the types of immunity and what they are all about.

Types Of Immunity :

Immunity in Adults vs. Immunity in kids

Having learned about the types of immunity and with the reference to the above table, we may analyze and conclude that there are types of immunity that we are not born with and hence the body requires the exposure to certain pathogens or vaccines to develop them.

Having said so, it is not difficult to understand that the older you are, the more immune you are to diseases; obviously, if you didn’t have an unfortunate encounter with a situation which might have affected your complete immunity system or are required to take immunity depressants which are necessary for the treatment of certain diseases.

What should be done to improve immunity or boost it in kids?

Starting with the newborns, since they don’t consume many edibles, breast milk is a must, as it will keep the baby nourished with all the essential nutrients and help in growth. The first breast milk, also called colostrum provides naturally acquired passive immunity to the baby, deficiency of which may lead to undesirable situations.

Also, the regular administration of vaccines in the newborn should be taken care of as they play a crucial role as the building block of the future immunity system.

Now, considering kids older than 1.5 years, lets us talk about nutrients that may boost the immunity system:

Vitamin C :

Found in the majority of citrus fruits as well as vegetables and fruits like Bell Pepper, Spinach, Strawberries, Sprouts, Papaya, etc.

Vitamin E :

Found in multiple nuts and dry fruits like Almonds, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, vegetable oils like Sunflower, Corn and Soybean oils, etc.

Vitamin A :

Just like the above-mentioned vitamins, this vitamin also has antioxidant properties that can strengthen the immune system. Found in Cod Liver Oil, Fortified Skim Milk, Orange, and Yellow-colored Fruits and vegetables, and dark green colored leafy vegetables..

Folic Acid or Folate :

Folic acid is the artificially synthesized form while folate is the natural one. Commonly found in beans, peas, green leafy veggies, and whole-grain products like pasta, bread, etc.

Selenium :

Very effective against cancer. Present in Broccoli, Garlic, Barley, etc.

Zinc :

Baked Beans, Chickpeas, and Nuts are some excellent sources to acquire zinc.

Food/Drinks that kids love to have and will surely result in increased immunity!!!

1. Fruit Shakes :


2. Whole Grain Pasta with a lot of veggies : A complete meal to consume, Mixture of taste and health.


3. Whole Grain Bread Sandwiches : Whole grain helps in digestion process and is beneficial for the immune system of child.


These are the foods to make your kid stronger and better!

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