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LIGHTWEIGHT BABY! Imagine someone squatting 800 lbs, and still be hungry for more? RONNIE COLEMAN IS THE MAN! Have you ever seen the legendary pose of JAY CUTLER (former Mr. Olympia)? It was his quads which, more than any other parts, won him the title of Mr. Olympia Fourth time in 2010. From our stance, we can see that legs are not just one solid muscle, but several working together. 

The quadriceps are comprised of four main muscles. Each muscle attaches to the same place, the patella, and over to the tibial tuberosity with one having an additional origin. The attachment position of the muscle is important. The quadriceps attachments are not random, but purposeful. They provide function and power to legs and hips, yet people ignore training them. When we train quadriceps, the male hormone- TESTOSTERONE, which is responsible for the growth of the muscles, is released. Another reason to train them is symmetry. In this blog, we are going to talk about the best workout moves for the biggest muscle in the body- THE QUADRICEPS! And some Myths related to training.

MYTH 1 – Squatting deep is bad for your knees.

This is simply false in healthy individuals. Your body is made to squat all depths. The knee joint is made for flexion and extension with the ability for minor twisting rotation. The one caveat is when you already have hip, knee, or ankle problems like serious injuries. Lack of mobility may cause injury but can be improved with squatting in some cases.

MYTH 2- Leg Extensions are bad for your knees. 

This exercise is designed impractically for the natural movement of the leg. Knees are designed to go from flexion to extension. The extra load can create a risk of injury. Use lighter loads and the mid-range of motion to enjoy the hypertrophic benefits.

MYTH 3- Squats in smith machine are inferior or bad for you 

This has long been a debated topic and one that will never meet much resistance in your training room. Smith machine requires fewer motor controls and does not allow all development of all muscles needed in a squat. However, Smith machine squats are perfectly suitable for the hypertrophy of the quads.

MYTH 4Box squats create the same muscle growth as full depth squats 

Box squats are a great tool to use for strength development. It is also a great substitute if you have knee injuries or a lack of mobility. However, it does not create the same amount of muscle growth in quads as full squats. 

Ready to hit the leg day in the gym? We will discuss some best workout moves to turn your Weak quads into Tree trunks! 

  • ·      FRONT SQUATS: One of the best mass building exercises for your quads, personally recommended by the QUADFATHER- TOM PLATZ. The biggest benefit Is postural improvement. Keeping yourself upright, helps train your core and posterior chain to remain strong with anterior loads, in a static hold.
Front squats
  • SISSY SQUATS: Try this as a finisher. Go slow, people typically move quickly through this movement without intent or purpose. This movement can take your leg development to the next level if done right and focused on every rep.
Sissy squat

These are the best exercises for legs development, Jefferson squats and Traditional leg press can also be included for the best results!

Leg press

A workout schedule for Beginners!

  • LEG PRESS- 10 X 4 SETS

Don’t forget to stretch pre- and post-workout. Stretching is another major factor that is ignored and hampers the growth of the muscle.


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