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Fat loss in 4 weeks

by Shrey Chopra
fat loss in 4 weeks

Getting slimmer and thinner is the modern way of being the best in the room. Gaining extra weight in the holidays may become a trouble for some. The trouble might be Physical or with the looks. Either way people, especially women try to maintain their weight and their body in a certain way following various exercises to lose weight.

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Losing weight is not a very easy thing to do. Losing body fat from specific parts is another level of hard work. To achieve these feats, one has to undergo a huge and hard routine of diets and daily workouts which may last for very long times, sometimes even months. This mainly happens because of the lack of knowledge of using the proper workout regimen and the correct diet.

Using the wrong workout regimen might just burn your calories but not the body fat that you want. Thus it is essential to understand the correct ways of workouts to lose body weight. Let’s discuss some simple exercises to lose weight and the workout regimen for 4 weeks to lose stomach fat.

  • Week 1: Begin your workout with around 3-4 sets and training in 12-15 rep range. This will help you give a fair idea about the weight you can handle for at least 10 reps without hitting failure. You can continue this workout for 5 days a week focusing equally on your upper and lower part of the body.
  • Week 2: On the Second Week we will start increasing the weights so that our rep range decreases to around 8 reps before hitting failure. This is how you can push your limits every week until the 4th week. Just ensure that you do not increase the weight heavily or that may become a probable cause for an injury.
  • Week 3: Increase your working set count up to 4 sets but make sure not to increase the weight simultaneously. This will keep your body a bit overloaded without harming it and thus keeps your calories burning.
  • Week 4: Last week give another bump to your working set count and increase it up to 5 sets per exercise. Again this will Increase the overload on the body and will increase the burning of calories.

First day / End of 2nd week/ End of Routine

After completing this 4-week work-out regimen you will be able to see a complete transformation of the body. The transformation may just get you to keep continuing the regimen as well to maintain the brilliant body shape you may attain after this. Just make sure to not increase the overload on the body suddenly so that the workout remains both safe and beneficial at the same time.

Another thing that is essential for weight loss is the proper diet. A proper diet does not mean eating only some specific items but it can be way easier than that. Proper diet also means avoiding certain food items that may have a large number of fats and carbohydrates, consuming which will just nullify your workout. So keep an eye on what you eat while you are on this regimen and get the desired results in the best way possible. Best diets that must be preferred for weight loss include Protein filled sources such as meat, eggs, fish and other seafood, and vegetables with low carbs such as broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, etc. In the end, what matters is the resolution you put forth yourself. Make sure not to get any or many weak moments while continuing these regimens and follow this diet plan for weight loss for females for the best result.

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