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by Shrey Chopra
Home workouts

The global outbreak of Coronavirus or COVID-19 has brought everyday life to a halt. Concerns regarding mental health well-being and physical fitness have captured everyone’s attention. 

As gyms centers are closed and people cannot step out because of Section-144, how to maintain physical fitness is the question of the hour. So, if you are committed to retaining a healthy lifestyle, you can easily do so by choosing to workout from your home. You can safely engage in physical training by practicing with family at your balcony using online fitness courses. Take the aid of a virtual session with experts by creating workout goals, by doing calorie-burning exercises.

Most grown-ups are mindful of the benefits of physical and mental health exercises. It is vital to engage oneself to workout routinely for natural well- being. Though you may tend to skip exercise by stating the reason as, no gym near me environment. 

During these tough times, public health ambassadors assert that exercising is certainly significant for better functioning of the people.

Regular workout significantly improves:

  1. Immunity system
  2. Helps to prevent unwanted weight gain
  3. Enhances sleep patterns
  4. Reduces anxiety and stress

So, listed are the best and easy exercises you can practice at your home.

Best workout exercises:

Push-ups: The most basic yet effective exercise to perform as many muscles are part of this execution.


The body position for push-ups is similar to planks.

Your shoulders should be perpendicular and close to the ground.

Maintain normal neck position at the start, then bend your elbows and lower your body 

As your chest touches ground raise again to your initial position.

Repeat the same procedure and gradually increase the counts from 10 to 50 for the best results.

Push-ups are an effective warmup exercise.

Planks: It is the most basic and necessary exercise to strengthen your core. 


The starting position of your body should be parallel to the ground as you do in push-ups.

Balance your body weight on your forearms and hold for 20-30 secs initially.

After a few days of practice increase your holding time gradually for best results.

Doing planks regularly helps in the reduction of belly fat and strengthening your lower body core.

This drill makes your backbone, joints stronger, and flexible.

Squats: Best effective and easy exercise to burn your calories rapidly.


At the start, stand erect with your arms close to your body and short space between legs.

Your chest should be straight and chin parallel to the ground surface.

Now slowly bend your knees making 90° from the ground surface.

Raise your arms forward to balance and maintain your body posture.

Hold on this position for a few minutes. Gradually increase your holding time after getting used to staying in proper posture.


The best workout for strengthening major body joints and muscles.

Situps: Effective workout to engage your abdominal muscles. 


Begin by lying on the exercise mat with your knees bent to place your legs parallel to the floor.

Now place both your hands at the back of your head with fingers intercrossed.

People who suffer from backbone issues should take assistance while doing this workout.

Slowly raise your head above until your chest touches your legs.

Hold on and do deep breathing then, slowly lower your body position to match your initial posture.

Remember to not strain your neck.

Initially follow 3 sets of 15 situps and increase the set over some time.


Take advantage of this quarantine period and make your body fit and healthy.

Although, you may have your reasons to skip workout from home do make an effort to enhance your regular fitness regime for becoming a stronger version of yourself.

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