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Keep your body healthy – 7 exercises to do every day

by Shrey Chopra

Keep your body healthy – 7 exercises to do every day

It is truly said by Ralph Waldo Emerson that “The first wealth is health.” A healthy body is the priority of every human being and exercises help you to maintain it. Exercises keep you active and make your life more youthful.

The 7 most effective exercises to do every day:



Walking every day helps you build high stamina, strength, weight control, and also helps to boost your energy level. It also keeps your body stress low which increases your life expectancy. Walking helps you to reduce body fat and also makes your bones stronger. It improves your heart and lung’s fitness. 30 minutes of brisk walking every day gives you various benefits that keep your body healthy.

  • Strengthens your heart – Walking every day helps you to reduce heart disease chances and the risk can be reduced more by increasing the walking duration and distance.
  • Reduces your blood sugar – Walking after meals can help you reduce your sugar level. It also helps to keep you fit every



Stretching your muscles increases your flexibility and increases your range of motion. It reduces muscle tension and enhances muscular coordination. The blood circulation of your body is also increased by stretching.

  • Improves posture- Stretching the lower back, shoulders, and chest muscles help keep the spine in proper shape and strengthen the posture.
  • Reduces the risk of lower pain- Flexibility of the hip flexors and muscles attached to the pelvis relieves tension on the lumbar spine, which in effect reduces the chance of low back pain.
  • Reduces post-exercise pain- After a workout stretching helps you to loosen your muscles and tightens them to protect them from pain or ache



Lunges are a common strength training exercise for people who want to shape, reinforce, and balance their bodies while also enhancing their overall fitness. It provides various benefits such as-

  • Coordination and Symmetry- Lunges fix the body’s imbalances and misalignments and make it more symmetrical. If you have one side that is less powerful or flexible, spend some extra time working on that side to avoid overcompensating or overuse of the dominant side.
  • Strengthens your back- Lungs reinforce your back and heart muscles without adding too much tension on your spine or straining it. A solid, stable core decreases the risk of injury and increases posture, promoting rising movements.



Yoga is the combination of physical and mental exercises which gives you a healthy body and peaceful mind. This is a meditative and therapeutic way of healing. It also acts as a treatment for cancer, asthma, and heart disease and holds the burden of the body down. Yoga is also used as a full fitness regimen and as preparation for physical therapy. Here are a few benefits of yoga-

  • Improves your bone health- Many postures in yoga requires you to lift your weight which helps to strengthen the arm bones. Yoga exercise improved vertebral bone density. Yoga’s ability to reduce stress hormone levels.
  • Increases your focus level- Practice yoga improves coordination, memory, reaction time, and even IQ scores. People practicing Meditation demonstrate the ability to better solve problems and gain and recall information.



Aerobics combines stretching and strength training with rhythmic aerobic exercises. It is usually accompanied by music and follows many daily dance-like exercises which makes it entertaining and fun exercise to do every day. It also provides some benefits that are-

  • Improves heart and blood vessels- Aerobic exercise strengthens your heart and helps it more efficiently pump blood throughout the body. It can also help lower blood pressure, and keep your arteries clear.
  • Lowers the asthma chances- Aerobic exercise can help asthma sufferers minimize both the frequency and severity of asthma attacks.



A plank is an easy, efficient exercise of body weight that needs no equipment and can be carried out at your home. Keeping your body straight as a board primarily builds tension in your heart the muscles that link your upper and lower body as well as your elbows, arms, and glutes. A simple plank flips that turn on the vital organs and rib cage cavity muscles, which should never be left out. Benefits of the plank are-

  • Increases flexibility- Planks make the rear muscle groups even more flexible not only the glutes but also the muscle groups in your body’s back. Those involve the muscles around your elbows and area below your collarbone and your own shoulder blades. These muscle areas should expand and spread with constant planning, which is awesome since during many conventional workouts these areas are often overlooked.
  • Lightens your mood- It reduces tension and relaxes a group of muscles that are strained or stressed which reduces physical tensions.



As one of the simplest workout exercises, the typical push up stimulates nearly every muscle in the body, providing something more than toned arms and improved stamina. If you are not ready to incorporate a push-up routine in your fitness regimen or only want to appreciate the strength of this easy fitness, start reading to discover the true benefits of push-ups. Benefits of push-ups are-

  • Increase Functional Strength- The last thing you’re worried about is the muscles you’re using as you drop your body to the floor and the familiar “heat” starts to consume your muscles. It is one of the top advantages of pushups, too. When you indulge in this activity every big muscle in your body is practically called upon to perform the action.
  • Protects shoulders injury- A rotator cuff injury is one of the most severe, and common, injuries for older people. While the extent of this condition is dependent on a host of particular conditions, it must become a necessity to protect this fragile portion of the body.

The traditional push up has been shown to be among the most effective ways to shield the shoulder joints from damage; particularly in older adults. This region of the body is reinforced and trained for vigorous movements because push-ups call for stabilizing muscles that surround the rotator cuff joint.

 How to maintain your joint health? Exercises you can do at home for fat loss? Shoot me a mail and I will get back to you with a customized schedule!

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