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To bulk or not to bulk?

by Shrey Chopra


Social media and general content can be very misleading. Influencers post themselves in the most flattering light, hiding their flaws and humanity from the camera. This creates misleading and unfair comparisons between the influencer’s followers and what is possible. You see celebrities and fitness models shredded year-round with bulging biceps and ripped midsection. While this may be presented on their varying social media accounts it does not show the turns and endless efforts taken to achieve the physique. 

This leads followers to believe the path to success may be a straight line. 

Whichever path you follow, be it bulking or cutting make sure the goal is realistic. Be patient and don’t compare yourself to anybody.

The progress to perfect physique is hardly linear. If you want to gain muscle, you will have to put on some fat. Likewise, if you want to lose fat, you can’t gain any more muscle in the process. Each stage must be respected and followed to achieve your goals. The best way to find success in your goals is to commit time either to bulking or cutting! The impressive physique you adore was built up over a lifetime of dedication. Continue on your personal journey and you will be successful.



Training styles can be very similar between a cutting and bulking phase. High reps, less weight, or High load, fewer reps are all acceptable styles of training for each goal. There is a common myth among people, to follow a different training style when you are bulking and cutting. The true measure of muscle growth is the total amount of work you are putting. 

Also, Heavyweights will not automatically help you gain unless you are not feeling the exercise and the muscle. Squeeze and muscle tension are the key to growth. In the cutting phase also, there is no need to run 10 km on the Treadmill machine you will lose all the muscle.

The only difference between the bulking and cutting phase is the RECOVERY PERIOD. The aim of the cut is to preserve the muscle mass while burning fat. Therefore, you need a high-intensity training program, which will keep your heart rate high. 

When you are bulking you need more rest time between the sets to help muscle settle and you can lift heavier in the next set! Once you know how the process works, the next step is to decide your goal.


1. Do you want to be beach-ready, step on a stage for competition, or want to look good in your marriage? Each of these requires you to lose fat to reveal your hard-earned muscle. The cutting phase is a task, the average rate of losing fat per week, in a healthy individual is 1-2 pounds. If you have to lose more than normal, 2 pounds is not uncommon.

2. If you want to improve your strength, grow like a gorilla, and want to look good with clothes, the bulking phase is for you. The average woman can gain 12-15 lbs in one year, whereas men can gain up to 25-40 lbs. It’s important to note that weight gain is not always equal to muscle gain. Your diet and lifestyle decide the quality of your gains. The bulking phase requires patience and loads of PANCAKES!

Individual physique goals differ on the basis of your height and weight. If you are currently 5’7 and 160 pounds with fat % over 15, then my advice is to follow the cutting phase. Quality over quantity any day! Still, confused about which path to follow? Comment your queries, get them cleared, and start your journey!


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